About Us

From Zero to One

We are on a mission to smooth capital access for startups.

We know fundraising is the most challenging part of the life-cycle of a startup because we have been there too.


That's why we decided to do something about it. Starting by changing the status-quo of how startups issue shares and interact with their communities.

No intermediaries! A direct investment platform in the equity of world-class startups  

Security tokens were the missing piece to bring communities and startups closer to each other.

Abstract Background

Our Story

At the beginning of 2021, we started imagining how the introduction of the DLT Act in Switzerland could shape the future of finance.

We were not satisfied with how things were done. We believed that there should have been a better way to fundraise and for investors to invest in startups.

Most equity crowdfunding platforms in which we were investing didn't give us direct ownership of the startups we were invested in.

With the introduction of the DLT Act in February 2021, we saw an opportunity to simplify the issuance process of shares to the general public and change the way startups manage large cap tables, with the possibility to run virtual general assemblies.

With a big dream to shake the crowdfunding industry and give better odds of success to every startup, we decided to launch STOverse the evolution of equity crowdfunding via Digital Shares.


In the life-cycle of a startup, there are already many hurdles, we believe that money shouldn't be the main challenge when launching a startup.  

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