A platform for startups to raise funds through Security Token Offering

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We are solving 2 major challenges

Access to capital for startups is hard and time-consuming

Raising funds for early and mid-stage founders

is challenging


At STOverse we effectively help startups to raise funds through Security Token Offering. We tokenize securities that are intrinsically connected with the value of their business and offer them to worldwide investors.

Investing in startups is exciting,

but returns can take years to occur

We cope with the liquidity issues of traditional fundraising platforms by allowing investors to bridge their Security Tokens to Decentralized Exchanges, like Uniswap, for secondary market trading. STOverse gets investors exposed to passive income opportunities, such as liquidity mining, staking, and lending/borrowing.

The lack of a secondary market for early investors


Invest & trade security tokens of

companies we audited for you

Join a community of investors like you, invest in your favorite ventures,

exercise voting rights, and become part of the next big thing before it goes mainstream.

Security tokens

Tradable on a secondary market 24/7

No intermediaries

Direct investment, direct access to private companies

Generate income

Passive income opportunities on DeFi protocols

Start small, go big

Low entry ticket ($50)

Security tokens represent the value that your business is able to create and communicate.

Through Decentralized Exchanges, investors unlock trading on global secondary markets for their Security Tokens. 

Allow global investors to trade your tokenized securities without going to a stock exchange.

Enjoy being public, while remaining

a private company.


Expand your business and raise funds from investors worlwide

It's fundraising, re-invented

Flexible financing solution; shares, bonds, treasury, convertibles

Listing Security Tokens on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) for secondary market trading

Reach investors worldwide, tokenization breaks down countries jurisdictional barriers

No intermediary is needed between the company and investors, thus eliminating the cost of commission to the intermediary

Our Partners

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Our Team

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Francesco Biviano

CEO & Cofounder

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Guillaume Fernandes

CTO & Cofounder

Andrea Baldereschi

Marketing Science Advisor

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